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Glass Works

Let Us Replace your window glass using your existing frames.

Give your fogged up glass in insulated windows a new look with the installation of new insulated window glass in your existing frames from A Service Glass, a trusted glass shop located in Beavercreek, Ohio. While you pop in and discuss the possibilities, make sure to ask about our mirrors and shower enclosures to make your renovation project complete!


Commercial Glass Work

If you need a glass storefront or interior glass wall to separate your boardroom from the rest of the office, contactus for a free consultation. Don’t hesitate to call us in if somebody damages your storefront with a rock or scratches. We are here to install or replace your glass!


General Glass Work

When it comes to glass products, the options are endless. We offer many thicknesses, including 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch thick, 1/2-inch-thick, and 3/4-inch. Choose between heavy clear glass or glass that comes in bronze, gray or (black in 1/4″ glass only). In addition to glass tub enclosures, here are common glass products we prepare in-store:

  •  Tabletops
  •  Shelves
  •  Screens
  •  Storm Windows
  •  Cabinet Door Glass
  •  Picture Frame Glass


A Seasoned Crew of Glass Professionals

Our staff of 10 technicians cut glass to any size and shape, and can edge your glass for a polished or decorative, beveled look. With 219 years of combined glass-cutting experience between them, rest assured the results are sure to amaze you!


Insulated Window Glass

If the seal breaks on your double-paned glass window, this often causes unsightly moisture to form in the airspace. Call in our crew to replace your insulated window glass units.


To obtain more information about our efficient and well-priced glass installation services, contact our shop in Beavercreek, Ohio.